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PS F:\> 21 June 2002 01:06:44 Window now draggable by holding the title bar, menu item now opens and closes the window, close "x" button works, menu hides when item chosen

PS F:\> 22 June 2002 00:15:30 Added more window buttons: "_" and "□", added "open app / minimised app" buttons to the taskbar, minimise and maximise functions now work, double-clicking title bar now acts as expected, added date

PS F:\> 23 June 2002 01:39:24 Rewritten CSS structure, less duplication, added delayed popup with reduced functionality to "entertain" the user, more colours like "Red" and "Magenta"

PS F:\> 26 June 2002 23:49:51 Window framework re-write, now cleaner than original layout style, resizeable windows, all colours now added "Green" and " Yellow", second window prep and CSS confirm

PS F:\> 27 June 2002 22:52:16 Window framework adjustments, popup can minimise (and now has cats!), gallery has some basic content and links

PS F:\> More soon...|

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