Month: April 2022


Not often I use the number 16, well in comparison to how often I use 15… but today is that day.

Miss you, Mum. 💜

Adulting and Stuff

Just when the evenings are getting lighter, the weather turns to shit. Typical England. Anyway, I guess while the rain circles the house, it’s a good chance to do a bit of a sort out. I can see a few rounds to the tip and a bit of time shifting stuff on Gumtree this weekend. I’m such an adult.

Outside of that, the new car is officially on order… So that’s cool. Had some work done in the garden and the van had an MOT. I’m so rock and roll!!

Dog is still a douche. Although much easier to keep clean now she’s been groomed.

So yeah. Just a quick update. We’ll sit down properly and have a catch-up over a brew soon, yeah?