Jameson Tour

Summer 2017 // OnePlus A3003

At the end of the Jameson tour, in their old factory site in Dublin, you get a couple freebies in the bar. 100% worth visiting.


Autumn 2017 // OnePlus A3003

The girl and the dog got ahead of me as I was busy taking photos of random stuff. When I looked up and took this, I didn't expect much of it. When I got it on a bigger screen, I thought it looked like a painting.


Summer 2017 // OnePlus A3003

It is the first thing you see when you walk in to VMworld Europe. Bathed in a strong orange of a "setting sun" or maybe it was rising?! Who knows with VMware.


Summer 2017 // OnePlus A3003

While adventuring around Wales, another castle to go and explore and snap. I love a good castle. Nice day for it.

Dog & Sheep

Summer 2017 // OnePlus A3003

Small doggo really wanted to go and play with the Sheep. At the time, being only a few months old, she had no idea that she was part Collie and it was on the cards that she would run circles around them.

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