Quite a bit has been going on recently, primarily moving house again. Now I'm settled, I can get back into tinkering with design and generally all the things. There was no real reason behind this other than I played on a "Win98 Simulator" type app that brought back the earlier memories of Win95 and I thought I'd push for that kind of design for a while. I loved the days of messing about with "system32" files to see what they did and regularly breaking the first home PC we had as a family. I learnt so much from those days and it set me up to break and learn forever more.

The Win95 design is entirely written in CSS. It was entertaining to work out the margin and padding combinations to mimic the "depth" offered by the different colours surrounding the "windows". I think it has got off to a good start and I'll continue in my free time to work out more... just because. :)