I attempted to jump back on the Minecraft server the other evening, only to discover than my hosting had been cancelled. Some muppet forgot he disabled auto-renew. Ah well.

The reason I was going on was to reset it anyway and look to stand up a more comprehensive server with some mods and after doing a bit of digging around I found this post on the FTB Forums. It turns out that they had just released a new app and modpack a couple days ago, as part of an attempt to relife FTB on newer Minecraft java instances. Might just be too perfect of a coincidence. So after some fiddling about, I got an instance up and running.

Version 1.0.1 runs on 1.15.2 with Forge 31.1.35 and has over 150 mods added. Expect more content about it very soon as we set this up and begin learning the ways of old all over again.