Hard to think where you'd be in 5 years time. Just as thoughtful to think of where you were 5 years ago.

For me it was the lowest of the low, but I feel like I have dragged myself out of a pit of severe uncertain outcomes. I feel deep down that I am probably far from OK, but that is often put to rest for short moments when the smallest of things happen.

Tonight's respite came when a bottle of whiskey appeared at the door from a friend I have known merely a year or so. The rule was to not open until we could simultaneously, as he had purchased one for himself. A welcome treat after a bit of a fuzzy head throughout the day leaving me feeling a bit out of place.

So a shared bottle opening and a few rounds shooting baddies on <insert generic shooter game title here> and I feel I can go into Monday with some sort of fight in me.

If in doubt, just send a bottle of whiskey.