I know I keep saying about getting back into the scripting but I have just been so busy to get round to actually posting content.
I have thrown together a few helpful scripts of late and I'll get them on here soon. I'll also have to explain my methods, because I don't like trying to condense everything and make "one liners". I like to write scripts that step through logically and output useful details about where they are up to and what is going on. Using PowerShell's Write-Host and the many colours it allows, makes for a nice touch. I'd much rather that compares to something sitting silent and processing stuff in the background whilst the user doesn't know what is going on. Even if it is just cosmetic, I think it is just nice to look at. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow... Strong.

A good example of that came from today's requirement for some PowerCLI. Combining some different articles I have read, I wrote something that allows you to reduce disk sizes in VMware. Although this is not new, it was a good excuse to get colourful and detailed on the output. See my tweet about it and the image posted.

I know there is a need for Verbose, but sometimes it is just nice to present something different. I'm going to use it, so I might as well enjoy it. I also know that I am very overdue posting PowerShell content, but this is all the same. :)