I don't want to turn the daily adventures into a very slow blog about Minecraft, but tonight was another learning curve.

The three of us set off on horseback to discover new lands and render some map. We learnt so much about what has changed since we all last played at length. I can't remember when it was I really put the hours into MC, but it must have been around the 1.7.x time as I found some old plugins in some folders I was messing about with. Doing a little bit of the Google puts that at about early 2014. I have jumped on occasional server since then, but never getting stuck into it like this.

Where was I? Oh yeah, exploring. So it turns out, Rux is an absolute explosion of MC knowledge and knew of so much that has been going on in the more later releases. We discovered how to get air under water and to rise up and fall faster in doing so. We'd seen shipwrecks in the world, but didn't realise their hidden treasures. Speaking of treasures... an actual treasure map! After a bit of digging about in some sand, my companions found the first chest of goodies...

The quest even found us on cold landscapes of ice with these dudes...

I think by this point, Tink had lost her mind and we had to drag her back to earth with some hard combat. Tink had never completed "The End" and how difficult could it be? From past experience, as long as you go in with some good kit... fairly straightforward. WRONG!

It seems during the process of developing the game, those in charge of the code decided to make it completely ninja in all aspects to succeed in "The End". We demonstrated this increase in difficulty by wearing full enchanted armour, weapons and grabbed a load of other kit needed. We gazed in awe over the portal and took a breath as we jumped in... all very confident and casual with our decision. Within about 30 seconds... all of us were dead. No joke. Done. Haha. It was amusing, but something couldn't have been set right... we didn't stand a chance.

Anyway, after we licked our wounds we carried on with building... well, Tinkerknock just cracked the whip and told us what to do whilst chasing us around with a creeper head on. We'll grow up one day, just not quite yet.

The map is taking shape and I hired the expert help of Rux to sort out some of the mess I had made... taking lame boring builds and creating wonders.

Updated the lastest image. Click to view live. Cya.